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My name is Martin and I am the founder and owner of MK Bespoke Furniture. 

Like many other carpenters out there, I started my carpentry experience as a teenager, watching my father in his workshop and later helping him on big projects. I now run my own workshop where I put my heart and passion for wood into every single stage of project, from sourcing the most suitable raw materials, through the making process involving traditional carpentry techniques, adding a taste of modernity to finished piece. I enjoy the journey through each of my projects, whether it is a small wooden craft,  bespoke furniture item or giving an old furniture a new lease of life through hand restoration. All products available from my shop are of my own design. 

Working with wood and creating classy, simple and lifetime lasting products are the strongest inspiration for me. Wood is an incredible natural and renewable material. Due to its natural properties it enables me to create countless amount of similar products that in fact two of which are never going to look identical. Diversity in wood grain layout patterns is what makes each individual piece of timber unique.

I do not work on templates and there is no mass produce in my workshop. Each customized order is thoroughly discussed with a client, to ensure new wooden addition to your beautiful home can be made to your individual requirements. Just as you need it. 

Here at MK Bespoke Furniture I believe that my products are my best marketing resource. Therefore to guarantee my customers the highest quality I make every effort to run every project with great care and by using best quality wood preservation oils and waxes available. While I work on the product, I always aim to achieve the results I would be expecting myself as a customer…a  very demanding customer. 

Whether you are looking for best place to order your new wooden addition to your home, looking for inspiration or simply just visiting, I will be more than happy to assist you with any of your queries.


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